May 6, 2014  |  Adjournment

Black Cab Trial

Raised with: Minister for Public Transport

Raised by: Mr Somyurek

Raised on: 16 October 2013


The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) is closely
monitoring the trial of London cabs (TX4) in Perth, Western Australia and is in
regular contact with the Department of Transport’s trial project manager.

All London cabs participating in the Perth trial
are painted in a white livery, to provide a uniform colour different from the
traditional black London cabs.

The TSC has met with Mr Evan Simeon, Chief
Executive Officer of the London Taxi Company on two occasions, the most recent
being Thursday 13 February 2014.

Mr Simeon provided TSC officers with a
comprehensive update on the trial from his perspective, and updated officers on
planned modifications to the vehicle to achieve full import compliance.

While Mr Simeon is interested in other taxi markets
across Australia, including Victoria, he remains focused on the trial in Perth.
Mr Simeon advised that he is committed to achieving industry and community
acceptance for the vehicles in Perth before considering other market options.

In late 2013, the TSC approved the London cab to
operate as a conventional taxi in Victoria. This means a Victorian taxi
operator could purchase, licence and operate one of these vehicles today, for
conventional taxi work.

Currently, the London cabs
do not meet the wheelchair access requirements that apply to taxis across
Australia. However, the TSC notes that the Department of Transport Western
Australia is considering options in consultation