June 13, 2013  |  Member's Statement

Target Australia: job losses

 I rise to express my condolences to the workers that lost their jobs at Target in Geelong yesterday. I also take this opportunity to condemn the Napthine government for failing to stem the tide of job losses in the Victorian economy. It seems every week Victorians and particularly the people of Geelong are waking to the dreadful news that their fellow citizens have lost their livelihoods.

Last year the Labor opposition offered the government a suggested plan on ways of saving Victorian jobs. The government refused then and continues to refuse now to take up the Labor opposition’s suggestions on ways of driving employment in this state. In fact the government simply refuses to accept that there is a jobs crisis in Victoria. 

With a head-in-the-sand attitude like this, it is almost guaranteed that the rate of jobs lost in the state will continue to climb.